Women In Energy Network has demanded 35 per cent female inclusion in the leadership of the energy sector.

The President of WEIN, Funmi Ogbue, while speaking on the upcoming 2023 International Women’s Day Breakfast Session during a media briefing recently, said according to the International Energy Agency, although women make up only 22 per cent of the energy industry’s workforce in Nigeria, only 12 per cent occupy senior management positions.

According to her, although the energy industry is critical to the growth and development of Nigeria, women still face significant barriers to entry and advancement in the sector.

“This highlights the need for concerted efforts to promote gender diversity in the sector, and we believe that the new administration has a critical role to play in this regard,” she said.

She noted that since the inception of WEIN in 2020, the group has been committed to the promotion and advancement of women in the energy sector.
“We have worked tirelessly to empower women through various initiatives and programmes,” she said.

Ogbue listed the various empowerment programmes to include providing training and mentoring opportunities, organising networking events, and advocating for equal opportunities and gender diversity in the workplace.
“We believe that gender diversity is essential for the success of the energy sector and we have been actively advocating equal opportunities and gender diversity in the workplace.

“We believe that women need to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the energy sector. To this end, we have organised training and mentoring programmes that provide women with the tools they need to advance their careers,” she asserted.

She added that WIEN has been committed to working towards the goal of the advancement of women in the energy sector, looking forward to collaborating with the incoming administration, to create a more equitable and inclusive energy sector and to prioritise the advancement of women in the energy sector.

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