‘Why Nigerians should embrace smart home technology’

Leading real estate firm, Joe Etoniru and Associates, has called on Nigerians to embrace a new technology, Home Assistant for the performance and management of activities at home. Etoniru, who said this while briefing newsmen on its latest techonology-empowered homes, said homes can now be programmed to understand and anticipate the needs of its owners among other functions. He said: “Our homes are places of comfort where we can relax and enjoy our downtime with our family and friends after a long day at work. Homes of this age can now be set to understand and anticipate the needs of its owners and prepare the home according to the owners’ specifications especially with able home assistant software controlled with artificial intelligence. Companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft have developed advanced artificial intelligence that not only connects your home to the world but also serve as your own personal virtual butler who manages the affairs of the home, wakes you up at the right time, gives you weather updates, open your doors when needed, puts on your air condition units when you need it to and so much more. Products Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Echo, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri have become a must have for any 21st century homeowner who wants their homes managed efficiently, effectively and seamlessly. Here are some of the ways in which you can make use of these home assistants: Energy Management: Energy management has increasingly become a need especially in this part of the world where we are fairly new to the pre-paid energy payment system. Homes like “The Sixtus” are monitored by home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa that can assist you in managing your energy usage while you are not home by switching off unnecessary lights and appliances when you are not at home or by making sure that your room temperature is always at the level you want it by regulating your air conditioner as needed. Appliance Management: At present, some home assistants can be connected to certain appliances like your coffee maker, toaster, ice-cream maker and other smaller appliances so as to gain voice-control on those specific appliances. Commands like “Alexa, turn on coffee maker” can be interpreted by the home assistant network and before you get into your kitchen your coffee maker is already operational and already getting your coffee ready for you to take a sip off. “Wake-up & Night-time protocol: Did you know that everyone has a routine they follow when they are about to go to bed or when they wake up? Some home assistant systems can be given specific commands like “Alexa, activate wake-up protocol” and at the designated time you have already pre-set, a host of things start to happen. Some homeowners would like to raise their blinds to let the sun in, play music to wake up the home, turn on the coffee maker, turn on the water heater or even increase the air conditioner setting to reflect the weather accurately. Home management is a very complex process that is very specific to each individual and can all be taken care of be your chosen home assistant software. Every home in each unit of “The Sixtus” will be equipped with Amazon’s Alexa which would be configured to each owner’s needs including managing access to the homes.”

Source: Vanguard

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