‘We see collaboration, not competition in real estate business’

For Emmanuel Kelechukwu, lawyer and chief executive officer of Kayceelaw Properties Limited, what is happening in the real estate market is not a competition but collaboration among players.

Kelechukwu understands the importance of having a reputation for quality when dealing with housing in Nigeria and the need for an average Nigerian to become a comfortable house owner.

Real estate business in Nigeria, according to him, is a very large and competitive market, noting however that his company is not worried about the competition knowing that 80 percent of its clients are Nigerians living abroad.

“So I don’t think there is a lot of competition; we just collaborate; we literally come together to work, then we share money. So competition-wise, I wouldn’t say we have any problem with that at the moment”, he said.

Kelechukwu believes that one of the ways to tackle the housing deficit in Nigeria is for the government to empower real estate companies by putting some funds into housing.

“A company like ours remits funds from different parts of the world from Nigerians who are interested in investing and are ready to bring in funds and invest them also into real estate which helps to build the infrastructure of the country,” he said.

He further explained that the passion to serve Nigerians is pushing him to explore all avenues to improve the lives of Nigerians through investment in land that has a higher return on investment on a short and long term basis.

Kayceelaw Properties, established in 2016, has within a short period carved a niche for itself as one of the few one-stop real estate firms that cater for clients from the point of searching for land, purchasing it, documenting, developing it and even managing it.

From that modest beginning, the company has evolved to become one of the few real estate firms handling all transactions from start to finish professionally and delivering on budget and in time.

“Not all companies can handle all transactions from start to finish professionally and be able to deliver. Why that is important is because many Nigerians are living abroad as it stands now, but they want to invest back home.

The idea is simply to contact one company that purchases, documents, builds and even manages for them and takes rent on their behalf and remit the property to them wherever they are in the country,” Kelechukwu explained.

He revealed that what gives them an edge over other real estate firms is the fact that the company is run by a team of lawyers, so there is this trust, that could make a Nigerian who is living miles away remit his funds to them to help manage their property.

“As a company, we manage lots of properties in Abuja among other locations at this point in time. We are also into construction and development,” he said.

Source: Business Day

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