Turkish Firm Ak-Ay Elektrik Set to Supply Power to 3 Million Nigerians

The Turkish company Ak-Ay Elektrik will supply electricity to 3 million people in the West African country of Nigeria through five infrastructure projects to supply transformer substations.

Ulaş Aslan, deputy coordinator of Ak-Ay Elektrik’s projects, told Anadolu Agency (AA) in an exclusive interview that to date the company has completed more than 40 transformer substations in the country. The Turkish company Ak-Ay Elektrik, which operates in various countries, began its first project in Nigeria in 2001.

“We have five projects now, one of which is the Lafiya Project that has two 150-megavolt-ampere and two 60-megavolt-ampere transformers. When the project is completed, we will provide the necessary infrastructure for electricity delivery to around 3 million Nigerians living in the Nasarawa province,” he said.


Source: Energy Mix Report

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