The National Water Resources Bill

  1. Establish effective water sector governance in Nigeria in line with global best practices.
  2. Provide for effective catchment management
  3. Provide for equitable and sustainable development of Nigeria’s surface and ground water.
  4. Enhance a greater participation of farmers in irrigation management and improvement in food security.
  5. Provide the regulatory framework for private sector participation in water supply delivery in the country.
  6. Provide for a Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) FUND to support financial investment by States & Local Govt. Areas (LGAs) in the provision of WASH services and investment in Water supply infrastructure.
  7. Provide the required legal instrument to support efficient management of the Nation’s water resources and accelerate the contribution of the water sector to national development in accordance with Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) principles.
  8. It will promote equitable and affordable access to water and reducing poverty
  9. Accelerate foreign direct investment opportunities and job creation in the Water Sector.
  10. Guarantee citizens’ right of access to safe water and basic sanitation.
  11. Provide for meeting the basic human needs of present and future generations.
  12. Protecting the water environment for sustainability of the water resources and protecting of aquatic ecosystems.

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