Securex West Africa’s intent is to improve Africa’s security by bringing to the fore, security brands that are dedicated to improving lives. Temitayo Adetoba writes

A nation’s smartness depends most powerfully on the invention initiative of its populace. When a country has not invested in the human capacity arm of its economy over the years; its development level on the upward scale lingers more than necessarily on the same spot.

The traditional method of securing the nation’s assets has not met with the constant evolving standards of incessant threats on lives and properties over the years; perhaps the more the reason for some special developments of alternative or advanced securing methods that has found their place in our nest in recent times.
Owing to the need for a smart nation and not one governed by the ideals of urbanization, security in its most advanced level is finding its roots in the deep of Africa.

Afrocet Montgomery, a reputable organization that has consistently hosted the SECUREX exhibition and conference in various parts of the African continent within the last decade, once again showed us the grandness of affordable, available and pertinent security solutions in Nigeria by bringing in foreign operators who already have a market presence or are looking to have one.

Indigenous operators within the security market also made the presence known at the exhibition, discussing topical issues to be addressed within the security sector.

Securex West Africa has always held in Lagos, Nigeria, and is the largest commercial, homeland, cyber security, fire protection and safety exhibition since inception, and the last edition held at the Landmark Centre in Lagos between the 1st and 3rd of March, 2016.
At this all encompassing security technological solutions conference and exhibition, there were notable dignitaries and the nation made its presence within the participation of the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps, as an exhibitor intimating the general public on the various safety methods and tools that can be adopted without a requisite professional knowledge. Among the various organizations that participated in the exhibition includes the HIK Vision, FOG Secure, Halogen Securities, Chrematech Technologies, Alhua Technologies, Afrisec, Canon, Cardinal Security, Comnet, Hytera, Jokons Fire Service, Nemtek, Optech and others.

The essence of each securex conference over the years has been to encourage Africa to be equipped to face the security challenges of now and the future.

The most visible threats that is eating so much into the fabrics of our national security has been the insurgency kind, and it perhaps has blinded us from the real challenges in terms of cyber, financial and economic threats; ones which adequate technological solutions if channeled properly will tackle. Security business operators keep bursting into the African market, not only to make profits, but to empower and arm us with the right kind of security, but have we been so receptive?

A good number of security topics were discussed at the last Securex West Africa conference, but where do we go from all these papers and presentations. The smart cities initiative that has been widely accepted and implemented across most developing nations, has met with stiff resistance in our nation Nigeria.

Surveillance systems are still not implemented in most of our cities; our pipelines are still being vandalized despite the numerous security breakthroughs that have been proposed. Are we simply content with Nigeria’s state of seemingly below standard technological solutions? As much as Securex West Africa’s intent is to improve Africa’s security by bringing to the fore, security brands that are dedicated to improving lives through innovative security safety and convenience product; it is a must for us at the receiving end to show enthusiasm to the prospects of these solutions.
In fact, a number of enthusiastic professionals in the sector described the conference as insightful and enlightening, and a platform for professional networking in the international security business. However, this year-in-year-out conference and exhibition has brought a lot of good to the African economy in general, spreading the gospel of advanced security solutions across boards in Africa, and focusing on Nigeria as the economical force of West Africa.

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