The Honourable Commissioner for Science and Technology, Mr. Hakeem Fahm, has said that the State Government’s determination to fully transform Lagos State into a Smart City and make her economy 21st-Century compliant is fully on course.

Speaking on the project, Fahm said that the ongoing laying of 3,000 km fibre metro network cables and broadband infrastructure across the State is part of the comprehensive smart city programme of the government aimed at driving Lagos into a 24-hour economy.

He noted that the State has implemented over 2,800 km of the 3,000 km of Fibre Metro Network in Phase I of the Unified Duct project, explaining that the broadband infrastructure rollout is to enable rapidity in commercial activities, government services, social connectivity and technological development through the provision of internet access.

The Commissioner further disclosed that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s government is keen on making Lagos the citadel of the digital enterprise, a fertile market for imperial investment and an urban hub for innovation and commerce.

His words: “The high-speed internet connectivity that will come from the metro-network cables would be used at homes, schools, healthcare facilities and government offices for improved service delivery. The infrastructure would also boost e-commerce activities and empower innovation start-ups”.

He averred that the project will enable telecom companies to rapidly expand mobile services in Lagos and provides a more efficient, fast and affordable broadband connectivity in the State.

Fahm stated that the unified duct project will also serve as a natural distribution of infrastructure for broadband capacity all over Lagos in consonance with the technology pillar of the State Government’s T.H.E.M.E.S agenda.

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