By Egbe Etinosa

Nigeria is bedevilled by myriads of problems; chief amongst them is insecurity, further worsened by intense poverty and high level of unemployment and critical internal conflicts. With the ongoing food crisis rocking the entire country; the prices of food items continue to skyrocket making life difficult for the average Nigerian which is attributed to low farming activities and less productivity due to the ravaging insecurity and its adverse effects on our economy. The Nigerian government often speaks on how much efforts and resources have gone into addressing security challenges but the question still is how much of technological approach has been adopted to curb the series of attacks on innocent Nigerians. If the federal government reiterates the accounts on the use of technology against insecurity; how then do we explain growing reports of farmers-herders clash, armed banditry, kidnapping and the ruthless activities of the Boko Haram sect in recent years.

The truth be told, there is simply no way the federal government can escape from investing in advanced technologies to protect our nation which in my opinion, should be taken more seriously due to the incessant attacks to livelihood of the Nigerian people. Technology has and continues to present opportunities for us a society to utilize and create solutions to ravaging security challenges which Nigeria has failed to efficiently use. Like other sovereign states in the world, Nigeria has defence/security (military, paramilitary and intelligence) services tasked to ensure total national security both internal and external, yet these agencies aren’t only struggling with the menace rather unfortunately overwhelmed by the series of attacks on the nation with the country`s security architecture been hijacked in many parts of the country. Another question is, where do we go from here as a nation on technological tactics or approach to restore national safety? Heavily investing in advanced technologies will evoke the readiness of the government and assurance on the victory against terrorism in Nigeria.

National security is top priority in governance and with the presence of technology and intelligence; there should be need for proper account to foster security measures which has greatly lacked tenacity. Its no longer news to know that Nigerian youths dream of opportunities to `japa` (in local parlance) abroad seeking for brighter hopes which is also narrowed down to our security challenges. Amidst all of these problems facing Nigeria, if insecurity is not addressed thoroughly, it would ravage our economy as well as a mass exodus of Nigerians in search for greener pastures. The point still remains that, technology and its efficient use must be embraced to foster security measures now and come 2023.

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