How do you build on a successful enterprise or institution? Mrs. Iyortyer is taking up the mantle of leadership of an Institution that has ran decades of five circles and more and still remains the pride of
construction industry practitioners, especially quantity surveyors. Founded in 1969, it is one of the leading Nigerian professional institutions that has sustained a course and momentum of its own.

Many such institutions, unable to correct course, have fumbled in the new environment. Some have gone into decline and faded from their pre-eminent positions. Others have rejuvenated themselves.
Nigerian Institute of Engineers (the umbrella body of all engineers) has led the way. Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and Nigerian Society of Engineers have both shown how it is possible to make an ancient pachyderm dance to modern tunes.

Mrs. Iyortyer’s job is cut out for her since. Ten years after the Institute was established, she obtained her first degree in Quantity Surveying (2.1) in 1979, from the famous Ahmadu Bello Unviversity, Zaria. She also followed that up with MSc in Architecture from the Unvisersity College London in 1983. These qualifications, coupled with the experience she has garnered both in public and private sectors have prepared her for the challenges of leading the institution whose objectives include: – To promote the art and science of the practice of the profession of Quantity Surveying in all its ramifications; – To provide a platform or forum for meeting and discussing matters of mutual interest to quantity Surveyors in Nigeria; to preserve and further the interest of Quantity Surveyors; to promote and stimulate the improvement of the technical and general knowledge of persons engaged in the profession; to organize continuous education and professional training for those seeking to become Registered Quantity Surveyors and assist and prepare its
members to be registered by the Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeria (QSRBN); and, to undertake research, study and collate information from any Quantity Surveying bodies from any part of the world on the latest developments and technologies in the practice of the profession and to make such information available to its registered members.

Mrs. Iyortyer is bringing to the table over 30 years of post-university experience. The institute may well be counting its gains as her success will ultimately reflect on the performance of the institute and the professional quantity surveyors.

The CED Magazine celebrates this leading woman of class, who has made her mark in Nigeria, with significant contributions to the
hospitality sector and the built environment.

Mrs. Iyortyer has done all this in a quiet, unassuming way. She believes in consensual in management, based on teamwork and team
building which is required to successfully pilot the affairs of an institution such as the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. She
successfully established her own businesses after leaving public service. No doubt, Mrs. Iyortyer has given herself significantly,
devoting long years of her time to the NIQS. And there is more to give.

We once again welcome the first female president of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. Congratulations!

No doubt, 2015 is the year of INTEGRITY for the built environment, not only because quite a number of the institutes and societies are currently engaged in leadership changes but because, despite the influx of foreign practitioners who without being duly registered are encroaching in their areas of practice – from architects to engineers and surveyors, they have held their own with their head up high.

With the change of guard will also come change of attitude, we believe…

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