Take Weather Predictions Seriously, NiMET Boss Charges MDAs, Nigerians

Nigerians have been advised by Professor Mansur Bako, director general of the Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NiMET) to take weather predictions seriously and be weather-wise to save life and property.

He made this call on Channels Tv morning show on Monday, where he said there would be more floods in Nigeria and people resident in floodplains should evacuate ahead of such occurrence.

”But I think what we’ve seen is the issue of non-compliance to some of these advisories, whereby residents tend to deposits refuse on drainages and also at times, we cut down a lot of trees around communities with triggered overland runoff.

“The general scenario now is that we are going to see more of this flood because the recent analysis we have run on the SPI which gives condition in the country that is high soil moisture with a little amount of rains. We could have a lot of floods as we have seen.

“Another reason also is concretization, especially in urbanization. In most urban areas, we tend to do most of the construction without considering creating a green cover, this also requires a lot of planning because even drainage requires information from NiMET, to be able to design appropriate drainage that could ever create excess runoff.

“We are seeing a global concern, especially with regard to climate change and we are having localized factors. So, more floods come in, and we advise MDAs, especially at the state and local government level, to be able to advise people living in floodplain and flood-prone areas to be able to evacuate.

”We have an excellent relationship with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and which consumes our forecast and also relays the information. So this is the most active period between July to September.”

The NiMET Director thereby called on all stakeholders to ensure compliance for the safety of lives and property resulting from the flood as an investment in early warning signals has provided the possible outcome of weather activities nationwide.

Professor Bako enjoined Nigerians to be weather-wise, adding that “compliance is the missing link. And we also advise that Nigeria should take the weather focus very seriously.

“If you spend one Naira in providing early warning, information system, you are avoiding the pitfalls of in terms of destructions and damages that such extremism defence could cause as we have seen in many parts of the country.”

Culled from tribuneonlineng.com

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