Dangote begins construction of concrete roads in Nigeria

Dangote Industries Construction of concrete roads in Nigeria begins Limited has kicked off the construction of first concrete roads in Nigeria.

According to the transport ministry the construction will involve major roads in lagos , Bauchi, Kogi, Kaduna and Ogun.

Speaking in a press event in Nigeria recently Chairman of Dangote Cement, Aliko Dangote said the government of Nigeria should consider the technology to improve on the current Infrastructure and called upon other Africa countries to adapt the same.

“We want to ensure that all roads in Africa are constructed using the technology that is on the boom in the developing world nations and that sees most of the roads last for a longer period” he added.

Besides being very cheap, he said concrete roads are more durable and that maintenance cost is near zero, stressing it would be to the benefit of Nigerians and the government to embrace the option.

“We are pushing for Nigeria to do concrete roads. It is cheaper to do a concrete road that will last 50 years than a bitumen road. It will also help in eliminating corruption because if you build a bitumen road, it will have to be adequately maintained, unlike a concrete road that is very durable,” said Dangote.

According to Dangote Nigeria government is capable of using the technology in all its road projects that will come up as they have the funds and the technology at hand.

“All we want is to ensure that the transport sector is streamlined by having steady roads that are capable of lasting for longer period of time” he added.

The giant cement supplier in Africa also called upon all other nations in the continent to ensure that they are not left behind the technology that is expected to change the game in the construction industry.

Road infrastructure in Africa
Plans to construct concrete roads Nigeria began last years when when Dangote called on Nigeria to consider constructing roads using concrete. Road infrastructure in Africa continues to remain the highest investment sector for many countries. It is seen as a major economic catalyst.

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