RTA Lighting Initiative Saves 50% in Power Usage

The smart lighting technology, which was implemented on the Dubai Water Canal, Sheikh Zayed Road, and Barsha South areas, allows RTA to control the lighting levels through pre-set fade-out programmes at certain times.

As a result, this generates additional savings due to the reduced rates of power consumption and maintenance costs.

Maitha bin Adai, CEO of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “We took the initiative to expand the use of this technology as it enables central control of remote lighting units in real-time through a smart app tailor-made for the Control Room.

“The app also helps in automatic reporting of crashes, which cuts the response time to emergency maintenance, and enhances the operational efficiency.”

Smart, high-definition cameras have been installed to provide statistical data for monitoring the density of pedestrian movement in the locality,” bin Adai added.”

RTA is currently developing a master plan for smart lighting in Dubai aligned with best global practices and specifications as part of Dubai’s Smart City initiative.


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