Opportunities Abound In Nigeria’s Real Estate Sector

The phenomenal rise in population, number and size of our cities over the past few years have manifested in the acute shortage of dwelling units which resulted in overcrowding, high crime rate, thus the need for a convenient home ownership scheme . The demand for shelter is ever rising in the cities, especially the commercial centres. Presently, the concerted collaborative efforts of the government and private investors are yet to address the housing deficit issue.

In addition to this, the continuous fall in the price of oil from which most of the foreign exchange earnings of the nation is derived is likely to ultimately affect various sectors of the economy. So, as an investor, as you begin to make investment plans for the year, you should take a critical look at the Real Estate market as an area of diversification . The real estate market in Nigeria comprises vacant land, Residential and commercial properties. It is a known fact that real estate appreciates in value over time and the returns on such investment depends on the type of property purchased. In a country with a fast growing population like Nigeria you could earn some extraordinary returns from your real estate investment provided you invest wisely and follow due diligence.

According to real estate analysts, Real Estate is also very resilient in all kinds of economic conditions including inflation. During periods of inflation the basic effect on the economy is that the prices of things goes up. It means simply that money buys less. Where most investments lose their value at exactly such period, real estate investment on the other hand has the inherent ability to absorb rising costs. Real estate investment is unique in this aspect since only very few investments can weather the storm of inflation. Research has shown that real estate has the ability to produce income, ability to produce a profit, and ability to appreciate in value at the same time.

Another benefit of investing in real estate is its ability to leverage resources or the equity in the property. Real estate also has the added benefit of tax protection for your investment. Because buildings are subjected to natural wear and tear, you are allowed to factor in depreciation. In addition, your property is a form of money bank from which you can access cash when you need them by selling the property. It could be used as a form of collateral in order to access loan. Real estate is one of the safest forms of investment and will always be in demand.

So, if you are looking for a safe investment that hardly depreciates in value at all times and attracts good returns, real estate is a sure bet. Real estate is “property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water and Immovable property such as buildings or housing in general. Investment in real estate can be in outright purchase or mortgage, whatever form you invest your money, you are sure returns on your investment in record time.

Katawa Properties Limited, a reputable real estate company, In line with government initiative towards property development through the mega city plan. We are offering numerous clients, associates and members of the public fantastic investment opportunity as well as a place to build dream houses at a reduced price.

Through decades, ages, centuries and generations, it has been vividly discovered that the failure of men is not a function of the “harshness” of the environment neither is it the function of negative fate, but a function of the ignorance of the people to the alternatives available to them and how these can be explored for the realization of their dreams. At Katawa Properties Limited, subscribers dream is brought to their door-step at no extra cost.
Property acquisition apart from its importance in the provision of shelter for the family, it is also a guaranteed investment that yields stable earnings. It is a life-time investment that could be bequeathed to one’s offspring.

Katawa Properties Limited is reputable Real Estate Company with area of interest and Mission in the provision of affordable housing for the masses. This policy is borne out of the company’s realization that a large percentage of the masses are desirable of owning their personal houses but out of ignorance or apathy they fail to make a move.

Land at Katawa Properties Limited is affordable, well secured and free from government acquisition. Katawa Properties Limited is a reputable and trusted company that you can invest your income in without disappointment. Just subscribe to any of the estates and become your own Landlord. Land is affordable and one can also pay instalmentally. This has won Katawa Properties a lot of awards.

The Estates include: Eagle Garden Phase I and II at Atan – Ota, Diamond Estate Phase I and II at Abeokuta, Ogun State; as well as Omega Garden City. Others are: Royal Homes Estate I and II located at Ibadan, Oyo State. Global Mega City at Ibeju – Lekki and Star Garden City located at Agbowa, Ikorodu.


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