Oil Companies Are Driving Social Investment In Nigeria

Oil companies have invested over twenty billion in infrastructure across multiple sectors in the Nigeria.

This was revealed in the September breakfast meeting organized by the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) in Lagos on the 26th of sept.2019.

The meeting reflected on Strategic Social Investment: The Chevron Nigeria Approach, presented by Mr. Esimaje Brikinn General Manager of policy, Nigeria Limited Government and public affairs of Chevron Nigeria Limited

Mr Birkinn revealed that Chevron Nigeria had invested 13.7billion to support educational infrastructure in the country with 8.4 billion naira dispensed to befeciaries of the Agbami Scholarship Award.

He further stated that Chevron had invested in improving Nigeria health care, building by chest clinics, a medical diagnostics laboratory, mother and child care centres across the country.

Mr. Birkin concluded his presentation by emphasizing on the sizeable contributions companies in the oil and gas industry are making to Nigeria, encouraging companies and private individuals to remain unrelenting in their charge towards a better country

Deputy President Nigeria-American Chamber of Commerce commended Chevron Nigeria for their contribution via social investments to growing the country, urging other companies in the private sector to contribute their quota to developing the country as the impact would influence wide scale growth across the varying sectors in Nigeria.

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