Numero Homes launches new real estate products to mark 3 years anniversary

The founder and Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Omowunmi Olalere disclosed that it became imperative for the company to establish distinct real estate products following clients’ evaluation and a thorough review of factors that affects real estate investment decisions.

She stated that the products are strategically designed to ease peculiar concerns of an average prospective real estate investor particularly as it relates to affordability and documentation.

She further stated that while the housing cooperative will enhance individual savings pattern towards home ownership; the bedrock of the home advantage will be achieved through the age long joint venture approach which has been narrowed down to simplified products.

The ripple effect of the cooperative and home advantage product is to create a collaborative platform that allows shared goals and objectivity in housing development amongst peers and people of like minds.

We encourage individuals to determine their definition of good neighborliness through a cooperative approach that guarantees resource management, flexibility, sustainability and maintenance.

The most fascinating of all the products is the “couple’s advantage” and “friends’ advantage”. These products are special because it is expected to arouse a panache feelings that will deliver multiplier effect in housing development amongst peers.

The Trustees of Numero Cooperative under the management of Numero Homes is committed to offer the much expected exceptional liberty to her subscribers by creating an atmosphere of control that supports a refined group setting most suitable to live.

Source: Pulse

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