NSE President To Replicate FCDA Devt Process In Rural Areas

As part of efforts to ensure even developments between the urban and rural areas of the society, Adekunle Mokuolu, president, Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) has stated that he looks forward to carrying out community engineering developments in the rural areas of the six geopolitical zones.

Mokuolu, who was a participant of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) projects, revealed that because the urban areas are badly planned, they want to go to underdeveloped areas and do a proper master plan so as to develop the place to attract people from the cities.

He said that the development, which is expected to kick start in November, would be so attractive that it would bring about interactions between those running away from the city and the rural dwellers.

“We would provide education; good health and maternal care for the women. The children of the rural people would be able to live well and develop their talents. With that we would be able to develop our codes and standards from the development of the country. We are not just going those places to build one or two roads or one or two classes. It is a comprehensive thing.

“What happened was that I was in the Federal Capital Development Authority from 1981 to 2009 when I voluntarily retired and I know that the Abuja you are seeing today was a rural area. I saw it life, it is not a question of what I was told. When we started constructing the roads, we were seeing snakes, pythons, and the villagers even walking naked, they just cover their vital parts with small leaves.”

According to the NSE president, presently, children of the then Abuja natives are enlightened, courtesy, developments that took place in the place. The programme, he said, would help them structure education. Education, he disclosed, is not really about making money. It is about learning to care for one another and caring for the environment at large.

He stressed that the programme will help the country to shift focus from a resource based economy to a knowledge based economy.

“What is under our feet is nothing, what is between our ears is what it is, the brain; engineering, science, mathematics and technology. That is what drives a nation and leads to the categorization of nations as First World, Second World and Third World.

“What we are using in this country is colonial template, take the resources to Europe and America and then bring back finished goods, why? When we have enough brains here to be able to do the same. We can manufacture the machines here that would add value to our natural resources.”

While dismissing the issue of funding, he remarked that it is basically how the money is spent as well as the right attitude of people that matter.

The programme, he said, is going to be launched on November 24 at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Abuja where they are looking forward to planning a colloquium and musical concert which would be featuring prominent musical stars in the country.


Source: Daily Independnet

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