Nokia pledges to support operators explore potentials of 5G in Nigeria

Nokia has reiterated commitment to supporting Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and enterprises to experience the benefits that 5G technologies provides.

Nokia stated this when it hosted stakeholders in Lagos to showcase how 5G technology can transform the way people live and work as well as enhance the industrial productivity in Nigeria.

As a global leader in 5G technology with its end-to-end portfolio, Nokia presented how this technology can benefit telecom operators, enterprises including the public sector and individuals.

Speaking to newsmen, Eniola Campbell, Country Senior Officer and CBT Head, Nokia, said that as an end-to-end network supplier, they are uniquely positioned to address all its clients’ network, services, and software needs while helping them transition from 3G to 4G and 5G in the future.

At the event, Nokia showcased a world where anything can be ‘connected’, from retail to conservation, industries, entertainment and education.

In the connected conservation use case, Nokia used high definition 360° capable cameras with pattern recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and software solutions to monitor the movement of intruders at fences and send alerts when anomalies are detected.

Source: TheGuardian

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