NITP Lagos Executive Sets Template For Impactful Service

As a mark of readiness to serve the Nigerian Institute Of Town Planners (NITP), Lagos State Chapter, the group newly executive members last met in Lagos to set the tone for impactful service.

They brainstormed, interacted with senior members of the profession and jointly took a decision to ensure their barely two-week old administration makes noticeable progress that will benefit all stakeholders.

In his welcome address, Tpl. Bisi Adedire, Chairman of the new executive members said he believed that nothing was impossible, urging his colleagues to strive at engraving their names in the golden history of the institute.

Adedire, who said his administration would closely with key stakeholders like ATOPCON and TOPREC, added that, the new executive could not afford to waste time to swing into action.

“We decided to invite ATOPCON, TOPREC and Young Planners’ Forum (YPF) to this retreat basically because we want to work in close connection with them. Most of our plans for the institute this period will be achieved in collaboration with them.  As such, we would be carrying them along in many of our programmes.”

Pledging his resolve to make a difference, Adedire said: “I want to reiterate my commitment to the progress of the institute and my continued desire to see a more rewarding future for members of NITP Lagos State chapter.”

Tpl Remi Makinde, who was the chairman of the retreat, said with the trust reposed on them to lead the chapter, the new executives must work hard to justify their confidence, saying: “You cannot afford to fail”.

Makinde, former president, NITP, advised Adedire-led exco members not to discard the good programmes of the immediate past administration. 

“Do not jettison the good legacies of the immediate past administration.  Instead, ensure that you build on them. The projects on their drawing table particularly the Femi Olomola Park, the Institute Building Project, professional training and invitation of appropriate experts and continuous liaisoning with the Ministry of Physical and Urban

Development, its parastatals, the Lagos State House of Assembly.”

Makinde also charged them to set an imaginative and feasible target for their Council to achieve during 2018/2019.

In his keynote address, Tpl Toyin Ayinde, who noted that the task of running the affairs of Lagos NITP was a serious business said: “I think it is also appropriate to sound a note of warning that, having put yourselves forward as being capable of adding value to the state chapter, members would give no allowance for any mediocre performance. This is probably why this retreat is necessary.

He added that, “It is good at this very beginning to set the tone for what we expect would be an exciting administration. Titled “Restoration”, the retreat prepares one’s heart for inspiring lectures and interactive sessions, which will ultimately enhance the new executive’s capacity for quality service delivery.

Restoration, according to him, implies that better days are ahead, adding that, it presumes that good times are about to be witnessed again.

“The times of vibrant professionalism are ahead again and we all are expectant, eagerly waiting and watching to see how events will turn out. With the kind of victory that most of the members of the executive had at the election, one can safely assume that there will be overwhelming support for this team.

“A lot of votes have been cast. Confidence has been reposed. Trust has been placed on everyone of you, and to whom much is given, much is desired. I charge you all to raise the bar of service to the Institute. You have an opportunity to create a legacy for yourselves. Don’t waste it!”

Ayinde, 2nd National Vice President encouraged them to lead, and not boss the members, to serve, and not to wait to be served, adding that, good service always get rewarded.


Source: Daily Independence

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