Nigeria’s Off-Grid Energy Market Acceleration Programme Comes Alive

The Nigeria Off-grid Market Acceleration Programme (NoMAP), a market building programme jointly supported by the Shell Foundation and USAID was unveiled to off-grid energy stakeholders in Lagos.

The public presentation of the programme took place as part of the quarterly Off-Grid Stakeholders Coordination Meeting and it held at the Enterprise Development Center (EDC) of the Lagos business school. 

NoMAP aims to identify unaddressed off-grid energy market barriers and implement high impact initiatives to tackle these barriers.

Based on strong market feedback, NoMAP will focused, in its first year, on two high-impact initiatives that address market barriers around market intelligence/data and payment collection for Solar Home Systems (SHS) Companies.

To address data challenges faced by market actors (companies and financiers) as well as government, NoMAP will provide credible market intelligence that will inform business decisions as to where to develop mini-grids or deploy Solar Home Systems and help reduce information gaps that currently exist in the market.

NoMAP will build market data across five states that will help identify viable locations for mini-grids and solar Home systems.

Besides, the programme will pilot a workaround that will address the current difficulties faced by SHS companies in collecting payment from their unbanked customers in last mile communities

According to Adedotun Eyinade, Programme manager at NoMAP, “the market accelerationp rogramme couldn’t have come at a better time. We believe that the off-grid energy sector in

“Nigeria is at an inflection point as such interventions such as the initiatives NOMAP is implementing are needed to address barriers limiting energy access to millions of Nigerians thata re currently underserved.”

“The programme will span one year and will supported by various technology providers such as SWIFTA systems, Odyssey Energy Solutions and Fraym to deliver it mandate. At the expirationo f the programme, learning as well as impact recorded during the program will be presented to the sector,”


Source: Daily Independence

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