Nigerian society encourages quackery – Surveyor-General

The continued existence of quack surveyors in the country is because members of the society patronise fake practitioners, the Surveyor-General of the Federation, Prof. Peter Nwilo, has said.

According to Nwilo, surveying is an art that requires certified professionals, adding that the task undertaken by surveyors was fundamental to key socio-political and global trends.

Surveying is the art of measuring distances, direction and deviation to determine the relative position of features on the earth surface and their representation in the form of maps, charts, plans, etc.

Speaking during the induction of new surveyors in Abuja, Nwilo said, “The Nigerian society encourages quackery because it is common to see people leaving professional surveyors to patronise quacks.”

He noted that by so doing, Nigerians were making the activities of the quacks to thrive.

The Registrar, Surveyors Council of Nigeria, Mr. Winston Ayeni, said Nigerians should always ask for SURCON identification when dealing with any surveyor.

He said, “We have said it to Nigerians that there are surveyors who are competent to deliver and these are the top of the bracket of surveyors. There are 22 polytechnics producing survey technicians and technologists. We know this and we have enlisted them and have given them certificates.

“So, Nigerians should ask for SURCON identification. There is no survey technician or technologist who does not have a certificate and a lapel from the council; we have done that to identify them. You can be a technician, but come get the seal and certificate, for we have exams for that. Every OND candidate from a polytechnic in surveying and geo-informatics is qualified by the law of this country if he so applies for the certificate. Therefore, we ask Nigerians to use proper professionals.”

Asked if the fees being charged by professional surveyors were not too high for their clients, Ayeni said, “You can get a quack and pay him N2,000 or you can get a true professional. If the professional is involved in something wrong you can report him to us and we will discipline him. But if you get the quack, he goes scot-free. However, the fees can be moderated.”


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