Nigerian Minister to Resign if Deadline to Reopen Abuja Airport is Missed

Nigeria’s Aviation minister Senator Hadi Sirika has vowed to resign if the rehabilitation of Abuja Airport fails to be completed on time.

According to the minister he will keep the project manager carrying out the project on task to ensure that the current deadline is met.

He added that he will be of no value if the federal government fails to meet the six-weeks deadline for the rehabilitation of the runway of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

The minister made this known during a meeting with Aviation Round Table (ART) in Lagos where he assured them that the project is on track.

Sirika said the level of work done in the first three weeks since the runway was closed on March 8, 2017, had shown that the work would be completed at the given date (April 19, 2017).

He explained that so far so good the project is ongoing well and they will ensure that the airport starts its operation in the date set by the government in agreement to the contractor.

He explained that the Kaduna airport was chosen as alternative to Abuja airport because the other airports around Abuja, including the airports in Minna, Jos, and Makurdi do not provide adequate security and safety measures but it was Kaduna airport that has dual carriageway to Abuja, which road could easily be rehabilitated within the period the airport in Abuja would be closed.

He also noted that while the Minna airport is closer to Abuja, the road is a single lane, filled with potholes and along undulating topography and hills, adding that it is insecure and unsafe compared to Kaduna.

Besides, he said while there was immediate plan to rehabilitate the Kaduna-Abuja road, there was no plan to rebuild the Minna-Abuja road.

He added that the government has lost a good income in the few days that the project has been ongoing and they will ensure that ends.


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