‘Nigerian Architects Need to Align With Global Practices’

For the architectural practice to thrive, professionals need to have a better understanding of the practice within the context of global best standards with which the profession is being practiced, a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Architects, Gabriel Aduku, has said.

Aduku spoke as the guest lecturer at the 4th Distinguished Lecture Series of the NIA in Abuja, recently.

He was quoted to have said that Nigerian architects should ensure that they display the highest level of professionalism in practice.

He also stated that with various economic changes and uncertainties, the architectural sector was facing, there was a need for promoting architectural works in forms of books and magazines in the mass media as reference points for upcoming professionals in the field.

Aduku said challenges facing the practice of architecture were as a result of the state of the country’s economy, which was hindering growth and development.

“Many sites have been abandoned for five to 10 years and you want to resuscitate them because the budget is about to be implemented. But you find out that the figure is twice or three times more than the original contract amount, so the project will end up being abandoned,” he added.

The President, NIA, Adibe Njoku, stated that the 2018 distinguished Lecturer provided a platform for architects to seek a rebirth of the institute and profession.


Source: Punch

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