Nigeria Mining Week to Provide Practical Business Know-how, Solutions and Updates to Build Country’s Mining Industry

Setting up a new mining project requires years and is not an easy task: from the discovery, development through to the production stages, all require a lot of resources, knowledge and guidance. The upcoming third edition of the Nigeria Mining Week in Abuja in October provides access to all the practical knowledge, valuable connections and decision makers for would-be and established mining companies in the country.

“The Nigerian mining industry has witnessed great developments during the last two years,” says Alh. Sani Shehu, the President of the Miners Association of Nigeria (MAN), the organisers of Nigeria Mining Week, “with the improved funding of the sector to implement the Roadmap for Mining Development, the Ministry continues to tackle critical challenges such as exploration, policing of the Nigerian mine fields to checkmate illegal mining and support the artisanal and small scale mining to encourage legal mining practice.”

He adds: “this has translated into increased government revenue and massive employment. It has also generated interest from foreign and indigenous investors in Nigeria. We need to support the Government to create an enabling environment for the growth of this promising industry.”

“The third edition of Nigeria Mining Week is structured to be rewarding to all participants,” says MAN President Shehu. He explains: “whether you are new to the Nigerian mining sector, a seasoned professional or even a would-be-miner, this week of activities will encompass all the ‘need to know’ aspects to discover the potential of the mining industry in Nigeria: a Finance Masterclass, international exhibition, two-day strategic conference, Dragon’s den, mentorship facilitation, free-to-attend technical workshops, networking sessions and unlimited connections are some of the key features awaiting participants at the event.”


Source: Mines and Steel Developement

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