-Seeks for areas of collaboration for the growth of the industry and the profession

The Management of News Engineering Nigeria Limited led by the Managing Director, Lady Josephine N. Nwaeze MD/CEO, paid a courtesy visit to the Headquarters of the Nigerian Society of Engineering (NSE) to congratulate the President ENGR. TASIU SA’AD GIDARI-WUDIL, FNSE

A delegation from NEWS ENGINEERING NIGERIA LIMITED led by the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer; Lady Josephine Nwaeze today paid a courtesy Visit to the President of Nigeria Society of Engineers, Engr. Tasiu Sa’ad Gidari-Wudil FNSE.

Lady Josephine congratulated the NSE President on his ascension to the peak of the NSE whilst also expressing her pleasure for the honor the company has to be part of his success story

She consequently also didn’t hold back in commending the influence of the NSE President in the successful election of Engr. Oguntala Aina FNSE; first female Vice-president of NSE into office.

Amongst the Company’s major reason for the visit is to express her readiness to partner with the NSE in any way for the general advancement of the society.

Drawing his attention particularly to the provision of “Executive Order 5”, which was intended to give Nigerian Companies a more equitable ground in the awards of contracts and execution of contracts, she urged the President to be more intentional about seeing to the efficacy of this particular order which may in turn be part of his legacies in office.

Engr. Tasiu Gidari-Wudil FNSE appreciated the thoughtfulness of the visit, and particularly the thought process that went into the objective of the visit.

He eulogized NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited on her contributions to the industry and her long standing stature as it has become a major player in the Electrical Construction Industry over the years.

Addressing the points of discussion, Engr. Gidari-Wudil FNSE assured all that was present and listening that “Executive Order 5” is in motion and will undoubtedly be one of the bane of his tenure in office.

He Reiterated that the major problem with “Executive Order 5” has always been the gap on monitoring and implementation.

He alluded that there are plans in motions already to meet with relevant authorities that will ensure that Local companies are prioritized, and which will allow NSE member and member companies categorized as “firms” to be in charge of Monitoring and Implementation of Executive Order 5 related policies.

In furtherance, the NSE President made mention of plans to bridge the gap between the Academia and Vocational branches of professional practice.

This includes allowing academicians, and lecturers alike to come into Engineering firms such as NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited and gain practical, hands-on experience which they would in turn take back to the classrooms for optimization and impartation of Knowledge.

This he believes will improve the Technical Vocation and Training quality of craftsmen as a whole.

In addition, he encouraged NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited to take advantage of the “Firm” membership of the NSE to make her much more eligible for the grand opportunities that are set to become available.

Benefit of this sort of membership amongst others includes allowing Local Companies to identify needs within communities and rural areas, and allowing these companies registered as firms to solve those problems, which in turn provides the perfect platform for the NSE to identify with such projects as a means of adding credibility and giving back to the society.

This will also aid companies like NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited to write their names in the sands of time as the importance of Engineers in the society can never be over emphasized.
The opportunity for local companies to be part of international delegates from the NSE would also be a major advantage in terms of opportunities and exposure.

Thanking NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited once more, Engr. Tasiu Sa’ad FNSE concluded by emphasizing that the Professionalism and welfare of the NSE members remains his priority.


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