NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited has entered into a “Grant Agreement for Performance Base Grant and Output Based Grant for Mini Grid development and Solar Home Systems Components respectively with the Rural Electrification Agency (REA). This will enable NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited to build, commission, own and operate the mini grids across various states in Nigeria including Sokoto, Abia and Niger States.

Managing Director, News Engineering Nigeria Limited, Lady Josephine Nwaeze signing the document

These projects are under the auspices of the Nigerian Electrification Project (NEP).

Speaking at the Performance Based Grant and Output Based Grant Agreement Signing Event, the MD/CEO of REA, Engr. Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad addressed all in attendance that;

“Our objective is to continue to take power and to continue to Electrify communities within Nigeria, and this is done through various ways which includes the various schemes that partners with private sector developers.”

He expressed his pleasure at bringing in private sector developers that will enable the REA to achieve this objective. He went ahead to congratulate NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited’s team led by the Managing Director, Lady Josephine Nwaeze who was in attendance to sign both the Performance Based Grant and OBF, after successfully going through all the required processes.


Mr. Ahmad subsequently impressed the importance of the agreement, citing that commitment to the cause is important. He noted;

“your partnership is very important to ensure that we electrify Nigeria; One community at a time. This comes with a lot of responsibilities as it is more than just signing a document, I want to see results as it is next to impossible to meet our target without people like you (private developers). This is why the Federal Government continues to provide this sort of opportunities to the private sector developers who are critical to the sector”

The REA Managing Director/CEO went on to urge private developers to put in their best in the execution of the Electrification projects especially as it has to do with the Quality of work to be done. He also didn’t hold back in praising Local Developers like NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited about the standards of project done so far considering the amount of inspection and commissioning events he has been privy to since he assumed office.

Solar Homes Components Head, Lande Abudu in a brief address Congratulated and assured News Engineering of receiving support in a bid to make the execution of the projects a successful one.

A representative of the grantees, Amb. Henry Macauley thanked the REA for the intentional efforts it has put into meeting her Electrification of Nigeria Objective, while also promising that the responsibilities would not he taken for granted as all developers present will duly try as much as possible to meet all deadlines and to deliver all deliverables as expected.

In her closing Remark, the Head; Project Management Unit of REA, Anita Otubu Esq. Stated;
“We all have a role to play towards achieving Universal Rural Electrification through the provision of mini grids and solar home systems”.

She reiterated the importance of the commitment of all present to the said cause and particularly in the Rural Communities, the most remote places and communities that are not yet connected to the main power grid.

NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited will do her best to keep up with track record of excellence when it comes to Execution of World class standards projects.

Source: News Engineering

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