New plans for Clapham Park estate phase 2

Housing Association, Metropolitan Thames Valley last week appointed developer Countryside as the best bidder to construct their vast £1.6bn Clapham Park estate phase 2 rebuild in south London. In a joint venture of 15 years with Metropolitan Living, Countryside will develop around 2,500 houses in 17 sites around the Clapham Park Estate. The £800m Clapham Park estate phase 2 two works are expected to start in Spring 2022 with the first completion set in 2024. The phase will create around 2,400 homes, public realm, non-residential builds and infrastructure.

More than 50% of the new homes will be developed for affordable tenures, with green and solar roofs also supplied by a district heating system. Metropolitan has developed over 1,500 new homes and refurbishments since the transfer Clapham Park from the London Borough of Lambeth. With the first 50 homes under the permission currently on construction, the joint venture will go forward the remaining. Upon completion, Clapham Park, which spans on a 36 hectares hectares is embedded on three local centres, Clapham, Streatham Hill and Brixton, which will have a total or more than 4,000 homes.

The Group Chief Executive, Countryside, Iain McPherson stated that the company is thrilled to form the joint venture partnership with MTVH. “As a partnerships-based business, its commitment to bring high-quality, sustainable mixed-tenure communities is unwavering. Having the shared values, we’re doubtless the joint venture will bring to life the ambitious vision for Clapham Park, developing a vibrant and inclusive Clapham Park estate phase 2 with secure, safe streets and ample public and private green space.” He added.

The chief executive of MTVH, Geeta Nanda revealed how the moment was significant on working towards completing the Clapham Park estate phase 2 and making a very vital difference to the residents.Countryside earlier this year stated they were winding down the spec housebuilding arm to concentrate on place making and regeneration through the partnership business.

Source: Construction Review Online

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