The Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) Engr. Prof. Mohammed Sani Haruna has disclosed that the on-going nationwide upgrade of skills of Nigerian youths in various fields and occupations is aimed at Nigeria’s participation in the fourth Industrial revolution. 

Prof Haruna at the occasion of the training of 100 youths in “Modern Methods of Electrical Installations and Maintenance” today in Calabar, Cross River State, South-South geo-political zone advised the youths to take their training and empowerment programme seriously because the series of training is to prepare them to contribute to industrial revolution which is presently being championed by NASENI as directed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to NASENI boss, the need to get Nigerian youths equipped and or given new skills in order to cope with changes in technologies and innovations can no longer be over emphasised. He said “technology is changing and those with old skills in electrical installations are losing jobs because new techniques for either trouble-shooting and handling of electrical installations are coming to the industry”.

According to the Executive Vice Chairman of NASENI: “development in cutting edge technologies or frontier technologies as the innovations that are shaping the fourth industrial revolution is no doubt disrupting many things and introducing constant changes and standards. He said “these technologies include Artificial Intelligence(AI);Robotics; the Internet of Things(IOT); Big Data: Block Chain; Additive Manufacturing(3D Printing; Autonomous Vehicles; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Gene Editing; 5G Network; and even Smart Grid and agitations for wireless electricity. Every aspect of human endeavour, Agriculture, Health, Industry, Transports, Hospitality etc all now requiring electricity however advanced Electricity Energy.

Speaking further on reasons for the Skills acquisition training of 100 youths in Calabar, Prof. Haruna explained that installation, repairs and maintenance will no longer be metre conduiting, piping or trunking of cable channel and streaming overhead conductors alone. He said the new system of modern electrical installations and maintenance had gone beyond provision of lighting points and sockets outlets. It is about automation remote sensing, remote control and wireless, therefore the capacity of the already existing electrical technicians needed retooling and skills upgrade.

Professor Haruna said “handlers of modern electrical installations repairs and maintenance need to familiarize themselves with the current advances of the new and emerging technologies and also prepare and be equipped to possess adequate competencies to meet the challenges and opportunities of the development anticipated of the shape and nature of the next industrial revolution which Nigeria must be part of in line with the directive given to NASENI by President Muhammadu Buhari”     

The Governor of Cross River State, Prof. Benedict Ayade who was special guest at the occasion thanked the Federal Government and NASENI for bringing the upgrade and introduction of new skills in electrical installations and maintenance to Calabar and Cross River State’ youths. He disclosed that both the Federal Government under President Buhari administration and Cross River State under Prof. Benedict Ayade share same vision on the need to pursue solving the socio-economic challenges of the country, creation of jobs for the teeming youths and poverty reduction amongst the general populace via industrialization and the development of the manufacturing sector of the economy.

In this direction, the State government, he said has revived the Construction and Fabrication Academy of West Africa Building in Calabar, a building now serving as temporary site for newly established NASENI Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Development Institute(AMEDI),Calabar. 

The Cross River State Governor, represented by the Deputy Governor, Prof. Ivara Esu thanked the Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive of NASENI, Engr. Prof. Mohammed Sani Haruna on the training and upgrade of the skills of 100 youths in the State.  

The Chairman of the occasion, Barrister Ochiglegor Igbado, Member, House of Representatives commended President Muhammadu for his passion for youth developments. He said without focus on self-employment and reskilling of youths, it is practically impossible to create adequate jobs because of the large number of the unemployed youths coming out of schools. Therefore, he urged the trainees to take the on-going skills upgrade in electrical installations and maintenance very serious such that there would not be need any more to invite foreigners from neighbouring countries to fix electrical faults and maintain installations in the State.

A list of equipment handed over to the youths included: Complete electrical tool box, Multi-metre tester, Cordless Drilling machine, Leather handgloves and other safety equipment

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