MorphAsia to design the MediaCity Mauritius project

MorphAsia, an Indonesian Architecture Design firm has been contracted to design the MediaCity Mauritius project. Najib Gouiaa, the founder and general manager of MediaCity Mauritius made the announcement and said the prospective project will be strategic support for the growing online creative industry in the continent.

The firm is set to fulfill the founder’s project concept by conducting in-depth research on culture and environment in Africa before creating a suitable iconic-modern design that has ecological sensibility.

“We have always been interested in building strong spatial relationships across multiple scales, urban, architectural and interior. This has always been a character of our design and quest in the world of architecture,” said Glenn.

MediaCity’s project

The MediaCity’s project is placed in the BeauPlan Smart City master plan, which provides a large green space. According to Glenn Hartanto, MorphAsia principal, the MediaCity design would follow the master plan. MorphAsia will create a courtyard garden in the middle of the buildings as a green space and an integral concept of modern architecture.

The building design is set to be a blend of modern and tropical architecture as an adaptation to the environment. It will feature bold geometric shapes that give rise to the character and a strong visual impression.

“The optimization of cross ventilation in the work area can minimize the use of air conditioning in a year. Initially we made a modern building that was thin and long in order to create a work area that gets a lot of light during the day and has easy access to the green area outside,” noted Glenn.

The project is commercially independent and has the support of the Mauritian Government and the Mauritian Economic Development Board. Several institutions, such as Broadcast Center Europe (BCE), the leading Mauritian real estate developer, Nova Terra are also in support of the proposed project.

The media city will host the infrastructure and technology required for content creation, innovation, and education. This will include production studios, post production facilities, Broadcasting centre, and an exclusive data center all built to a world-leading standard.

Source: Construction Review Online

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