Mark Flags Off Construction of Rural Roads in Bauchi

The former Senate President, David Bonaventure Mark has emphasised the need for an inclusive governance that has welfare of the citizenry at heart for democracy to thrive in the country.

Similarly, the former President of the Senate also commended the Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed for embarking on road constructions in the state, saying that he has replicated the same legacy in Bauchi state when he was Minister of the federal capital territory.

Mark, who made the assertion while flagging off the construction of three rural roads in Bauchi recently, advocated that for construction of accessible roads particularly to open up rural communities .

The roads include the construction of Warji-Gwaram, Bogoro-Lusa and Boi-Tapshin.

While speaking at the ceremony held in Katanga Warji for the construction of the 13.5km Warji – Gwaram rural road, the two term President of the Senate said opening up the rural areas would bring development closer to the people.

Mark recalled that when Governor Mohammed was a senator during his tenure as President of the Senate, he always made constructive and nationalist contributions in the National Assembly, adding that he was not surprised that he had achieved so much feats within a limited time in his first year in office.

“I did not hesitate to accept the invitation for the flag-off of road construction projects in Bauchi State, because I know who was inviting me. As most of you will understand, you have only one boss, but when I was the president of the Senate, the senators were my bosses because if you don’t allow them to be your bosses, they will remove you in no time. They did not remove me for eight years because they were my bosses”

“When you see a Governor of a state like Bauchi, that has limited resources, accomplishing so much, you begin to wonder where he is getting the funds from. I have asked him, how does he get the funds? But I am not surprised because he was a radical personality when he was senator and he has now become my Governor. So I am not surprised that he is doing very well” he said

He, therefore, commended Bauchi State Governor for embarking on construction of roads particularly rural roads urging him to do more until all rural communities were linked up to development.

Bauchi State Governor, Sen Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir in his speech declared that roads are pivotal to development because accessibility is key to effective governance the more reason his administration has embarked on massive construction of roads across the state.

The Governor added that the priority of his PDP led administration is change the perspective of governance in the state in order to make it rank among its contemporaries in the country.

Source: This Day

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