Maritime Workers Urge Government to Focus on Reconstruction Projects

Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, MWUN has urge the Nigeria government to focus on the Tin-Can/Berger axis of the road. The axis which is on the reconstruction plans for the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway is very important.

According to MWUN, the Tin-Can/Berger axis is very important and that users of the road has suffer from untold hardship. They have also lost unquantifiable money and time due to the failure from the road.

The group also call on the government to direct the Dangote group to immediately move to site. They want the reconstruction of Oshodi- Apapa expressway to begin without further delay. They also want attention to be given to the Tin-Can axis of the road down to Berger.

The union feels that the economic growth of the great country is of utmost importance to them. They have also set a 21 days ultimatum so as to draw the attention to the poor nature of the road.

According to report, the 21 day ultimatum will be drop as the government is now making plans for the road.


Source: Gambeta

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