‘Manufacturers can save 90% cost via hydrogen-powered technology’

With energy costs taking a chunk of many manufacturers’ operating expenses, some operators in the electricity generation value chain posit that opportunities lie in hydrogen-powered generating technologies.

Already, many businesses are presently expending over 60 per cent of their operational cost on diesel, with many opting for gas powered plants, solar and independent power schemes.Giving insights into the technology in a chat with The Guardian, the Chief Executive Officer of Buserve Limited, Laitan Aderinto explained that water-to-hydrogen gas mass production technology represents a major scientific breakthrough of the utmost importance.

According to him, the patented technology is based on an advanced proprietary scientific process which includes the invention of using thermoplasma to convert water into Hydrogen Gas in high volume for power generation and at much lower cost than any other hydrogen production technology otherwise known as electrolysis.

“Furthermore, since H2 production is done in real time according to actual power production requirements, there is no requirement for hydrogen storage which is one of the greatest challenges in using hydrogen gas as a renewable fuel source, not to mention avoiding a storage model is also much safer.

“On average with this technology Power is generated at about 10% of the cost of diesel fuel and very importantly no fossil fuel component is required to mix with the H2 when using this technology.

“Water is the input and less than 10% of the gross energy production is required to power the equipment. For each Liter of Water fed into the retrofit system the net output exceeds 1m3 of H2 gas.

“This is a no pollution technology designed to shift existing and future industrial power production away from fossil fuels and therefore reduce the world’s harmful emissions, currently approximately 25% of the world’s harmful emissions is caused by industrial power production, this technology seeks to bring this number as close to zero as possible”, he added.

Aderinto noted that his firm has concluded plans to partner with stakeholders in the real sector to address the energy gap, adding the technology has been deployed in Europe and with Nigeria, efficiency and profitability will improve.

Source: TheGuadian

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