Managing Construction Site Security

The average construction site is generally a busy place in the daytime.

Considering the level of activity ongoing during building and the number of workers collaborating on a building project.

Nighttime however is a completely different story as such the construction site is vulnerable to security breaches ranging from theft to vandalism and if left alone for a long period, unauthorized occupation.

Therefore it is necessary to ensure protocols are put in place to prevent any security breaches that may set back the construction timeline and increase costs.

One of the basic methods of securing a construction site is to ensure there is a good perimeter barrier system with good lighting. Another is to have on-site security guards and security cameras monitoring all possible entry points.

These are a few tips to help safeguard your construction site;

Secure Your Equipment

  • Maintain an inventory control system for all equipment, tools, and materials.
  • Implement a check-out system for all tools and equipment.
  • Establish a supervisory key-control program for motorized equipment.
  • Lock all equipment cabs during non-working hours with anti-theft/anti-vandalism devices.
  • Lock oil and gas tank caps where possible.
  • All portable high-value assets should be equipped with hidden GPS tracking devices.
  • Park equipment centrally in a well-lighted, secure area.

Secure Your Site

  • Schedule material deliveries to coincide with installation.
  • Keep the on-site inventory of materials to a minimum.
  • Store equipment, materials, and tools away from perimeter.
  • Remove equipment and materials from the site when no longer needed.
  • Use only high-quality locks.

Construction site security may increase the overall budget but the result is a safe and secure work space where everyone can focus on the tasks at hand.


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