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A Lagos consumer, Mr. Eniola Olakunrin whose WhatsApp message went viral recently on Social Media following his encounter with the unassuming General Manager of the Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA), has said that the level of professionalism and sense of duty displayed by the agency, changed his perception about governance in Lagos State.

Recall that Olakunrin, a resident of Abuja and a media consultant with Quintessential Strategy Limited, recently composed a WhatsApp message that went viral about his encounter with a phone accessory Store in Ikeja City Mall and how the General Manager of LASCOPA, Afolabi Solebo Esq., was able to salvage the situation and ensured that he got a refund for the faulty earpiece he bought.

Olakunrin, whose viral WhatsApp message was tagged: “Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency – A Cut above the Rest”, visited the headquarters of the Agency on Wednesday to express his appreciation to the State Government through LASCOPA.

He added that he considered it necessary to confirm that the viral message originated from him as a form of response to the several calls and messages he had received from friends and relatives who wanted to confirm the message and the incident.

Olakunrin averred that his perception of the State Public Service took a different turn following his encounter with LASCOPA, revealing that the Agency was able to impress it on the staff of the phone accessory store to refund his money following his complaint.

Speaking about his encounter with LASCOPA, Olakunrin disclosed that “Until that day, I had never heard about LASCOPA because I reside in Abuja. So also, a lot of people don’t know about LASCOPA from the feedback I got after the write-up.

“For what it’s worth, I believe what the General Manager, LASCOPA, Afolabi Solebo Esq., did change my perception about Lagos. What LASCOPA represents to me is sanity and I believe all other agencies in Lagos State should emulate the noble act for improved service delivery”, he stated.

According to him, the intervention of the General Manager of LASCOPA came as a surprise because he had never had such an experience before, saying “After I lodged my complaint at the store where I got the product, I was told the Store had a ‘No Refund Policy in place, but the General Manager who coincidentally was at that same store during the incident, approached me to ask what the issue was, after explaining to him, he insisted the Store must refund him”.

Olakunrin explained further that the best way to repay the kind gesture of the General Manager of LASCOPA, Afolabi Solebo Esq., was to put his experience into writing such that other residents of the State can be aware that an Agency of Government takes the issue of consumer rights serious.

In his words: “The General Manager of LASCOPA seems to be a purpose-driven person and I believe that is a good attribute for the Agency. He has represented LASCOPA well and by extension, the Lagos State Government. LASCOPA has shown that the State Government is fulfilling its mandate to ensure consumer rights are protected”.

Olakunrin, who said that he never knew that the write-up would go viral, urged Lagosians who are treated unfairly to be aware of their rights, adding that consumers can demand value addition from sellers, every time they make a purchase.

Alluding to the fact that Lagos State has maintained its excellence over the years as seen in what LASCOPA represents, Olakunrin appealed to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to continue to support the Agency and its brand so that the tempo of achievements can be sustained and even surpassed.

He also pleaded for the extension of the services of the Agency to schools, especially Secondary and Tertiary, through sensitisation such that the culture of creating value and ensuring proper service delivery would have become a part of our youths from their school days.

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