Lagos, FBRA Collaborate On Plastic Waste Management

The Lagos State Government has indicated interest to partner the Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance on the eradication of post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate bottles that are improperly disposed thereby blocking drainages and canals in the environment.

The Commissioner for the Environment, Mr Babatunde Durosinmi-Etti, disclosed this through the Assistant Director of Environmental Services, Mrs Tolulope Adeyo in an interview with journalists.

The commissioner said the issue of waste had been of great concern and that any initiative to eradicate it, like the FBRA’s waste collection and recycling scheme, would be appreciated.

He explained that the government had created an enabling system for organisations working through a Producer Responsibility Organisation like the FBRA to thrive in order to attain a common goal of keeping the environment clean.

He said, “The ministry is very much concerned about the sustainability of the environment and has therefore urged citizens in the state to join hands in the cleaning, segregating and proper disposal of waste, especially PET bottles to avoid environmental and health hazards associated with it.

“We have lots of materials that we use daily that get into our waste stream due to industrialisation and commercialisation. And because of the poor attitude of companies, waste is being disposed indiscriminately, particularly plastics and PET bottles.

“Considering the havoc this cause during the rainy season in several parts of the state, the government has made giant strides in combating waste and is very much eager to collaborate with the private sector in ensuring a cleaner and healthy environment.”

Durosimi-Etti commended the FBRA, which is the PRO of companies in the food and beverage sector, for its role in ensuring that used PET bottles were mopped up through its partner, Recycle Points.


Source: Punch

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