LADOL Boss Gives Insight Into Upcoming 50MW Power Project

Dr. Amy Jadesimi, the Managing Director of Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics (LADOL), in a recent interview with Independent, spoke on the success of the company’s Egina project and highlighted the free zone’s plans of building a 50 megawatts power plant.

She said; “What we are focusing on now in LADOL is, for example, we’re building a 50 megawatts power plant which we’re building in phases. We’re building it in phases.

The first phase will come on stream next year, 2019 and then the second phase will depend on the demand we see on the free zone but we think within the next three years, the second phase will probably be required but the second phase will depend on demand. The funds we’re committing are substantial.”

“For the first phase, 24 megawatts and then the second phase will be 24 also, it may be more but the second phase is going to be slightly different because we’re using more sustainable solutions, meaning climate-friendly energy solutions like solar power and waste power and things like that. So, we’re looking at recycling and making the second phase more of a green solution than the first phase.

The first phase is gas and then the second phase will be probably a little bit of gas and then a mixture of sustainable solution,” she added.


Source: Energy Mix Report

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