JMDB Decries Use Of Substandard Building Materials

The Jos Metropolitan Development Board (JMDB) has decried the use of substandard building materials by developers, and blamed that trend for the rising cases of collapse of structures.

JMDB general manager Mathias Hata, in an interview in Jos on Monday, regretted that most developers preferred the substandard materials because they were cheap.

“People want cheap things and hardly remember the dangerous consequences; lots of lives, property and monies are lost when buildings collapse, but developers do not seem to consider this when deciding what materials to use,” he said.

Hata said that JMDB had taken steps to check the trend, and warned developers against “such dangerous short cuts”.

Hata said that substandard materials were responsible for cracked walls, leaking roofs and other structural deficiencies that spring up soon after new buildings were put to use.

Noting that buildings were long term investments and most times capital intensive, the official advised developers to make adequate plans before embarking on any building project.

“Developers must never compromise quality because, in the long run, the money you think you are saving will be meaningless to you when the consequences come,” he said.


Source: Daily Independence

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