Indigenous Engineering Firms will Take over Nigeria’s Construction Industry in 15 Years. – Ramzi Chidac

Ramzi Chidac, Managing Director ITB Nigeria Limited a Multi-Faceted Construction company expressed his confidence in Nigerian Engineering Firms stating that he believes Indigenous Engineering Firms will be the major players in building and construction projects in the country in the next 15 years.

Mr. Chidac, shared his view at a Media parley in Lagos on the 6th of September, 2018, where he highlighted ITB Nigeria’s intent to revolutionize the Nigerian Construction Industry and the firm’s recent adoption it’s new slogan  “Build it Right” which is a reflection of the ITB Nigeria’s efforts to continuously implement international best practices in all its projects as the firm moves towards acquiring another International organization for standardization (ISO) certification in the coming months.

Since establishment in 1996, ITB Nigeria has over the years positioned itself as a leading construction expert with a commendable portfolio and a focus on employing state of the art technology in implementing its projects resulting in speedy project delivery and compliance with international safety and construction.

Specialists in Post tensioning technology, ITB Nigeria is equipped to handle Turnkey projects (Design and Build)the firm is also recognized for building the first LEED Certified building in Nigeria.

Expressing his views on the quality of building materials produced in the country, Mr Chidac noted the improvement in the standard of building materials being produced by indigenous manufacturers, citing specific ceramic manufactures as the go-to producers of indigenous ceramic products.

He however noted that consistency in delivering quality materials as a hindrance to the potential of the Nigerian building materials market, emphasizing the need for manufacturers to employ best practices and maintain a standardized mode of operation in order to constantly produce high quality building materials.

Sharing his thoughts on the construction economy, Mr. Chidac noted the need for infrastructural development in country noting the need for more infrastructure than buildings and further explaining that with increased economic growth, buildings will remain a necessity in any society.

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