For those who are familiar with the housing sector in Nigeria and globally the present scenario where every government, since 1999 when Nigeria, once again embrace democracy, several government continues to brandish the issue of shortage of the nation’s housing stock without corresponding strategy to address the challenges. The private sector that are expected to drive the growth are moving on without any concrete policy for action. The present seems similar where the current government is putting the shortage and the need at 17 million housing stock. Good number no doubt but what is the policy on ground to meet this number?

Our cover personality this month Esv. Bode Adediji speaks specifically on this issues and the strategy for taming the housing challenge.

To Bode Adediji “Housing in Nigeria without missing word is in crisis. As far as policy formulation is concern, Nigeria has gotten much more it required. The major bane of our national development in this country has to do with implementation of the policies.” And on the issue of policy enactment, “our major challenge in this country has always been the implementation mechanism. Personally, I have no problem with the procurement act having thoroughly gone through it. It’s quite okay as far as I am concern, with its provision in the cause of service delivery system”.

This exclusive interview with Bode Adediji is a must read, especially with the fact that he started one of today’s most trusted and tested, integrity driven multi-disciplinary firm of estate surveyors and valuers from a very humble beginning. No doubt the story of Bode Adediji Partnership (BAP) is an inspiration to many practitioners that you can grow from nothing to something as long as you remain focused on the goal.

Tpl. Aderemi Makinde, a fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners is regarded as one of the doyen of town planning practice in Nigeria hence our resolve to seek him out for an exclusive interview on the 50 years journey of the Lagos State Chapter of the Town Planning Professional’s body.

According to Tpl. Remi Makinde as he is fondly called by colleagues, In 1969, precisely the first conference was held by the Institute and it took place at the University of Lagos Conference Hall and that was during the Gen. Gowon administration as Head of State of the federal republic of Nigeria, and at that conference he was represented by his Chief of Staff, Major Anyaro. The theme of the conference that year was “Town Planning in National Reconstruction”. This was because we observed that the civil war was about to end at that time and because of the destruction that took place during the war mostly in the eastern states and the then mid-western region that there was need to discuss and plan on how to rebuild the nation infrastructure.

That singular move gave rise to thorough understanding of the place of town planners in national development and many students became interested in the profession. Read the exclusive interview with Tpl. Remi Makinde in this special issue in our professional interview on the CED Property page.

We have come a long ways so are some key players in the built environment and their activities truly reflect on the growth we have attained , especially since the colonial masters left Nigeria with Amalgamation of the 1914 and the independence of the 1960. We feel, as the industry pioneer journal of development to continue to appreciate these major contributors: we reward them with the Certificate of Evergreen Built Environment Professional.

It is our obligation to reward excellence and integrity in practice. We salute their courage and tenacity against all odd.
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