FG Approves New Gas Flare Regulations

The Ministry of Petroleum Resources, yesterday, disclosed that the President has approved the Flare Gas (Prevention of Waste and Pollution) Regulations 2018, the regulatory instrument that would underpin the implementation of the Nigeria Gas Flare Commercialisation Programme, NGFCP.

In a statement in Abuja, Programme Manager of the NGFCP, in the Office of the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, MPR, Mr. Justice Derefaka, also stated that the Federal Government had completed the design of the key programme transactional, commercial framework and documentation.

He further stated that the Federal Government planned to announce the first bid round for the flare gas to the public within the third quarter of 2018. He noted that only registered parties on the programme’s web portal can participate in the NGFCP bidding process, while he added that the interface by those interested in the programme with the NGFCP would be contacted through the portal.


Source: EnergyMixReport

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