Experts seek compliance with environmental regulations

Environmentalists have warned against disregard for the guidelines and regulations put in place by the government to preserve the environment.

They spoke at the National Conference, Annual General Meeting/Fellowship Dinner of the Nigerian Institution of Environmental Engineers, a division of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, held in Lagos.

One of them, Prof. Babagana Mohammed, of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Development Engineering, University of Maiduguri, said infrastructural development should be carried out without compromising the health and safety of the environment.

National Chairman of NIEE, Olalekan Ajani, in his address, said a sustainable environment through infrastructural development would enable sound economic development, job creation for environmental experts, and the purchase of local goods and services.

Ajani said, “It enhances the quality of life for citizens, increases positive impacts (benefits), helps protect vital natural resources and environment, and promotes more effective and efficient use of financial resources of the country.”

He urged all engineers to think environment sustainability in any infrastructural development plan from conception to project delivery.

Source: Punch

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