Engineers Need Innovation To Tackle Leadership Challenges

A former Human Resources Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc, John Mbonu, has said that engineers can tackle politicians and take charge of the leadership of the country by being innovative.

Mbonu stated this during a lecture entitled: ‘Gas to power: Common sense versus politics’ at the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ end of the year lecture and awards ceremony.

He said that there was a need for engineers to be awake to their duties in order to point out to the government the implication of making certain political decisions.

According to him, the essence of the lecture is to showcase the roles that Nigerian engineers are supposed to play as regards getting the right sources of power in the country, but which they are not doing.

Mbonu said, “Engineers need to make known to the government the importance of building power plants close to their sources in order to save cost, because it is expensive to run such plants if they are not close to the sources.

“Nigerian engineers should locate power near the source of gas and hydro dams near the source of water as well as locating coal power plant near the source of coal. But, unfortunately due to politics, some power plants are placed far away from the source of gas, which has led to the building of expensive gas pipelines.”

He also urged engineers to research more and understand the language of politicians in order to make them see the need to invest more in natural resources.

The Chairman, Nigerian Society of Engineers, Ikeja Branch, Akintayo Akintola, said until engineering was given recognition, the country would still be backward in everything.


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