DPR Gives Reason for Prevalence of Adulterated Petroleum Products

The Department of Petroleum Resource (DPR) has explained the causes of adulteration of different petroleum products that are used as fuels. Speaking on the DPR Half Hour on Radio Nigeria, the Assistant Director, Safety and Environment, in charge of laboratory services and quality control, Agbada Jerome, confirmed that there is a marginal possibility of having contaminated products in the country.

He noted that products, such as kerosene, Premium Motor Spirit and Diesel, become adulterated when the tanks or tankers convey products they are not supposed to carry. He added that the residual content of the previous product could contaminate the new one, whenever there is a switch from one product to another.

Jerome, however, insisted that the DPR has measures of ensuring that all imported petroleum products meet specifications. According to him, before an importer gets an approval to import, a sample of the product is always accompanied with a certificate, of which the DPR receives, analyses, and documents the quality before the importer gets the go ahead to import the product.


Source: Energy Mix Report

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