DEKEY GROUP: An international company is a force to reckon with in the built environment industry in Nigeria.

DEKEY Group is an international expert team that specialized in every steps of the construction process, DEKEY Group aims at meeting the needs of both local and global clientele who desires to design, build their properties according to world class standard.

Dekey Group founded by Pascal Bastide, who has over 25 years of experience in construction field, to harness experiences in architecture, engineering and project management. The group includes Dekey Global Concept Ltd, Geodia, Boyer, JPA Manutention, SOMACO, SAMC, MGMI, LAMEF, HMC, Boyer Guinea, Grant Engineering Ukraine, Sogaco Gabon, Barthokey Concept Ltd, Keysode Nigeria Ltd and Qualiconsult Nigeria.

These companies, over the years have contributed immensely to the development of infrastructures in different parts of the globe namely; Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

Some of the outstanding projects handled by the group in Nigeria include; the famous Eko Towers in Victoria Island, Lagos, among other notable commercial, urban planning, public space and residential housing projects completed and delivered by the company. The different arm of the organization that makes up the group includes;

Architecture & Interior Design: Dekey Global Concept Ltd architecture delivers the full range services ranging from developing feasibility studies, site selection consultations, imaginative preliminary concept proposals all the way through to the final construction drawings, ensuring that the international standards and best architectural practices are met.

Specializing in architecture, construction, engineering and Interiors decoration, Dekey Global Concept architectural department is driven by a team of both expatriate and local senior architects and draftsmen that are professionally skilled to perform the most demanding duties.

With an experience spanning over 40 years, Dekey Global Concept offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of the built environment sector, professional, stakeholders and the local, state and federal government in Nigeria.

Engineering & Services: Dekey Global Concept Ltd is a multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm specializing in Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Construction Management, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

The company provides consultancy services to the public and private sectors with preference for high quality and standard in every project.

Keysode Nigeria Ltd is an international team that specialized in high range renovation and maintenance of buildings. KEYSODE NIGERIA Ltd aims at meeting the needs of both local and global clientele who desires to renovate or refurbish their properties to a world class standard.

Barthokey Concepts Ltd was established in 1995 by a high profile Nigerian team that specializes in the installation of furniture. Barthokey Concepts Ltd also partner with local and international furniture companies who intend to service their customers in the installation of supplied furniture products in order to maintain their finish quality standard. The companies which form part of the dekey group have done exceedingly well and remain a force to reckon with in the industry.

Qualiconsult Nigeria Ltd; Dekey group through this company Qualiconsult Nigeria Limited also does third party inspection/project management of both high rise building, bridge construction and residential apartment.

Specialist of the third party inspection, the assistance, Qualiconsult Nigeria Ltd ensures every client projects are accompanied in all the stages of the construction of their building, technical installations and infrastructures, ensuring that the works are done to meet the desired specifications.

This particular part of their job has been well appreciated due to its unique contribution to the delivery of world class projects in Nigeria in particular and indeed the world in general. In addition, it has also serves as third eye to so many projects constructed in Nigeria making sure the required materials in terms of cement, iron rods and as well the concrete mixes for decking and piling are of quality and according to drawings and specifications. So, with Qualiconsult Nigeria limited, the client can go to sleep and expect that projects will be delivered as planned and when due with fear of collapse.

The rate of building collapse in the country over the past years has made this particular arm of the Dekey group an important aspect of the project contract. So much important as the building/project itself. It has been well embraced by the construction industry, so as to checkmate the activities of building contractors who at times try to cut corners by using less standard materials for construction. And also curb the incessant occurrence of building collapse in Nigeria.

They part take in conceptualization, execution, on-site inspection and completion of projects. Since its establishment in 1982, qualiconsult has always been a reliable partner providing general technical support to project owners. Its integrity and expertise portrayed over the years in different part of world remains it asset in terms of quality job delivery, technicality expert and man power.

With Qualiconsult your security and safety remains their ambition.
Dekey group also provides its clients with made to measure support by complying with local standards and regulations in all the countries they have worked which includes; Germany, Algeria, Mexico, Romania Switzerland and United Kingdom. Others are Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco and United Arab Emirates.

Some of the group international presence in terms projects delivered are; show and conference center Paris France, Railway line on a bridge for the high speed train in France, Maroc telecom head office Rabat Morocco, World trade center Barcelona Spain, the famous Roland Garros central tennis court, Paris France to mention but few.

Dekey group are in Nigeria to contribute to the growth of Nigeria economy and also to reshape the face of construction and the built environment industry in Nigeria.

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