COREN reiterates commitment to accredit more professional engineering institutions

President of COREN Engr. Ali A. Rabiu FNSE , FAEng; Registrar of COREN Engr. Bello Adisa FNSE, FAEng , past President of COREN Engr. Kashim Ali FNSE, FAEng and Chairman Washington Accord/ Vice Chairman International Engineering Alliance(IEA) at the just concluded FEderation of Engineering institutions of Asia and Pacific (FEIAP) 30th AGM/ 6th Convention held at Cebu city , Philippines recently.

President of Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN,  Engr. Ali A. Rabiu, FNSE, FAEng has reiterated the commitment of the body tto continue to accredit more training institutions and regulate the practice of engineers, technologists, technicians and craftsmen in Nigeria.

Rabiu who led COREN delegates to the Cebu city , Philippines for the Federation  of Engineering institutions of Asia and the pacific( FEIAP)  for the 30th General Assembly and 6th FEIAP convention held between July 27 and 29, 2022, added that the institution as a professional body is empowered to promote ethics and uphold it’s standard.

It will be recalled that Nigeria has earlier applied in 2019 and missed out narrowly and we are now willing to resubmit our application for the 2023 considerations.

According to him, “During the convention, the Nigerian delegation  met on the side line with the Emeritus professor , Elizabeth Taylor; chairman Washington Accord and Vice chairman international Engineering alliance( IEA) to discuss Nigeria application for provisional signatory of the Washington Accord.

Past Registrar of COREN Engr. Maliki Wopa FNSE, President of COREN Engr Ali Rabiu FNSE, FAEng, Chairman of Washington Accord/ Vice Chairman of IEA Emeritus Prof. Elizabeth Taylor; 1st President of Philippines Technological Council( equivalent of COREN) ,Engr. Kashim Ali FNSE, FAEng and the Registrar of COREN At the just concluded FEIAP convention.

“We  met with our mentors; Pakistan and Malaysia who would be visiting Nigeria in October to access our readiness and level of compliance particularly with our Outcome Based Engineering Education, OBE”, he said.

On the delegation are the Registrar of COREN , Prof. Bello Adisa, past President of COREN Engr Kashim Ali , past Registrar of COREN Engr. Kamila Wopa.

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