Constructskills Conversation 0.7: Dr. Lanre Towry Coker Highlights The Role Of Architecture In Economic Development

The importance of Architecture in this present economy in which Nigeria seek her rightful position in the already emerged 21st century global economy cannot be over-emphasized since the quality of human habitat and environment resolves around architecture.

Therefore Architecture Education in the country has to raise its standard to foster students’ creativity and strengthen their interest, motivation and commitment to improve the environment. Nigeria continuously needs to compete in knowledge, development and innovation.

For this reason, ConstructSkills Conversation held in honour of Dr. Lanre Towry Coker, the former Commissioner of Housing Lagos State, fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) and the first and only Nigerian fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) at the Four Points Hotel, Oniru, Victoria – Island, Lagos State on Friday 27th January. The program started at exactly 10.00am, with the short welcome speech by Mr. Kenneth Odusola-Stevenson, the Managing Editor, Century 21 Systems Communication Ltd, organizers of the event. Thereafter the President of Nigerian Institute of Architecture (NIA), Mr. Tonye Braide spoke on the honour Dr. Lanre Towry Coker has brought to the country being the first Nigerian to be a fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects, welcoming all the distinguished guests to the event and appreciating Mr. Lanre Towry Coker for accepting to grace the occasion and congratulating him on his new appointment as the fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Dr. Lanre Towry Coker, the lead discussant of the conversation with the theme: “Architectural Designs and Methodology as a catalyst for Economic Development”, spoke a little bit about his background, and his journey in becoming who he is today. Dr. Coker stated that one of the things that made him to be consistent was the zeal to succeed no matter what. Stating the difference between Nigerian Architects and the British Architects, Dr. Coker said Nigerian Architects lack opportunity, exposure and continuity, while the British Architects have all these.

Speaking on the theme, he said Architecture is a stimulant for economic development in Nigeria and once the government can appreciate this fact and act on it, the Nigeria economy will be improved. He stated that it’s the responsibility of the state and local government not the federal government to develop houses that will be affordable for the low income earners in the states. He also emphasized the need to have more building projects, in order to provide more employments and more economic activities in the society. The discussion was also opened to the distinguished guests at the events, all emphasizing on the importance of the Nigerian government to take the architecture profession seriously.

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