Chinese Firm to Build Renewable Energy Outfit, Cut Nigeria’s Power Deficit

As part of efforts to reduce the level of electricity deficit and poverty in Nigeria, using clean renewable energy sources, a Chinese firm, Shenzhen Kang Ming Sheng Technology Industry Incorporation, has unveiled its plan to build a renewable and clean energy manufacturing plant in Nigeria.

It said the scheduled construction of the plant was part of its medium to long term investment plan in Nigeria, adding that the plant would support its products’ deployment in Nigeria and other African countries.

Speaking at the firm’s launch of the Kamisafe innovative safe reading lamp at the Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Optometry Association in Abuja, the Marketing Manager of Kamisafe, Mr. Goodluck Mbam, said the plant would produce affordable solar panels, solar streetlights, energy-saving bulbs, rechargeable lamps and fans among other clean energy products in the country.

Mbam, explained that the plant would help promote clean and renewable energy usage in Nigeria.
He noted the company would enter into partnership with some companies in the deployment of solar streetlights in some major cities across the country, while also partnering with some major supermarkets in Lagos that are seeking to acquire its affordable 7.5 kilovolt amp (kVA) solar panels to power their outlets.

“We are planning on setting up a manufacturing plant in Nigeria that would produce products like solar panels and solar streetlight. Specifically, we are in the process of entering into various agreements with different individuals and organisations, to set up solar street lights in some parts of the country, especially in Lagos, Onitsha, Kano among others.

“The world is tilting towards environmentally-friendly energy and there is no cleaner energy than what we offer. Instead of using generators and its attendant noise and air pollution, with your affordable solar panel, such as our 7.5 KVA panels, one can power his or her whole household. It can also power a supermarket,” said Mbam.
He further said, “There are some supermarkets in Ikeja, seeking to acquire our 7.5kVA solar panels, instead of using generators. Again, instead of using generators, we have lights and rechargeable bulbs that can illuminate the whole house.”

Equally speaking on the firm’s business interests in Nigeria, the Product Development Director of Kamisafe, Mr. Collins Nnaji, said the company had been in Nigeria for about 15 years and had made significant investments in the country over the period.

He explained the company presently has depots, distributors and sub-distributors all across the country that sell its renewable energy products.
Commenting on the Kamisafe safe reading lamp, Nnaji said the product was designed with coated LED bulbs to protect the eyes of people who use it to read.

According to him, “We also have this new design and innovation we are bringing to the market. Unlike other products, the LED bulbs in it are coated, not allowing direct contact with the product. In usage, one does not feel pain because the rays of the light are not directly coming to the eyes.”

Source: This Day

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