Bulgaria says sees drop in gas supplies from Russia

Bulgaria has experienced a drop in gas supply inflows from Russia in the past few days due to lower pressure, but this was believed to be because of technical issues, the country’s energy minister said on Wednesday.

“The pressure at the start of the gas network system should be at least at 38 bar, while in the past days, based on operational data, it varies between 30 and 35 bars,” Energy Minister Vasil Shtonov said in a statement.

“The drop of the pressure … leads to unfulfilment of the supplies of natural gas to Bulgaria at 100 percent,” he said.

Shtonov said Bulgaria, which meets over 90 percent of its gas needs with imports from Russia’s Gazprom had not been officially informed for any planned cuts and believed the lower pressure was due to technical problems.

The Balkan country currently compensates the shortage with gas reserves from its storage facility, he said.


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