Builders Must Work Together to Address Incessant Building Collapse – NIQS President

The President, Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Mrs. Mercy Iyortyer, has said, to address the incessant occurrence of building collapse across the country, associates in the built environment must work together as a team.

She said, it will be wrong to put the entire blame on a particular person or group whenever a building collapses, adding that building collapse in Nigeria was an all-stakeholder issue.

Iyortyer, who is the 23rd and first female president of the NIQS, spoke at a dinner organised by her family and the institute to honour her in Abuja.

She said, Everybody has a part to play when it comes to having less issues of building collapse in Ngeria,The engineers will play their part, the architects, manufacturers, building materials’ sellers and everyone in the built environment has to play their part.

“If you don’t sell fake materials, there may be a reduction in building collapse. If you do proper design and it goes through the process of approval and is given the right approval, there may be no building collapse.

“If you supervise a project well, there may be no building collapse. If after you put a building in place, you decide to add more floors on top, then you are calling for collapse. So, all of us have our parts to play to eradicate building collapse in our country.”

Iyortyer urged stakeholders to avoid cutting corners while erecting buildings, as she noted that building collapse also affected professionals in the built environment. she reiterated that, if all associates in the built environment should play their parts well there will be an end to building collapse in the nation as fast as possible.


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