British Airways Names Nigeria Its Biggest Market In Africa

United Kingdom giant carrier, British Airways, has described Nigeria as its biggest market for air transport business.

The carrier added that it is investing heavily on new airplanes in Africa and Middle East.

Two years ago, the British carrier recorded a revenue of about N30 billion, ranking as the high revenue earner by any foreign airline on the lucrative London-Lagos-Abuja route. Head, Middle-East, Africa and Central Asia, sales, British Airways,

Airline Boss, Paolo de Renziz, in an interview with New Telegraph, said that in terms of investment, “we’ve been investing in the last eight years and we keep on investing in new planes in Africa and Middle- East. “We are launching our B787- 900 on Abu-

Dhabi-London route, we will be enhancing our products on Nigerian route.

In January we are refurbishing our B747, Club World and World Traveller will be reconfigured and new inflight entertainment.” The airline chief stated that the airline had been growing capacity in the past eight years, describing the Nigerian market as “very important to us.”

He said: “There is a lot of competition, especially in Dubai, which is the biggest in the last five years. We are familiar with competition, but we’ve been around for many years, we enjoy competition, we will compete very well, having been around for so long.”

Speaking on the competition Medview is going to pose to already established airlines, de Renzis said that the carrier welcomes the entrance of Nigeria’s flag carrier on the route, describing them as friends and competitors.

He added that competition helps to put the airlines on their toes by thinking, reacting faster and thinking of the customers.

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