ARCON’s Blueprint For Architecture Development Underway

As part of the measures to deepen architecture in Nigeria, the Architects’ Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON), will soon unveil an enhanced blueprint on its Continuous Professional Development (CPD). 

Also, the council has urged state governments to adopt its Architects Projects’ Registration Number (APRN) initiative. 

Arc. (Sir) Dipo Ajayi, president of the council, dropped this hint last week in Abuja, during the induction ceremony of about 200 architects. 

Ajayi, while addressing the inductees, said there was need for continuous education of architects such that will make Nigerian architects to have up-to-date knowledge and make them exportable. 

On discipline, Ajayi said: “So right from today you must be weary of the Architects’ Investigating Panel (AIP) and Architects’ Disciplinary Tribunal. 

“You should as a matter of principle be above board at all times and ensure that you comply sufficiently with the content of the Act establishing the Council, the Architects Code of Conduct and Ethics, the Professional Scale of Fees etc. These and others are the tools you would now require in your day-to-day delivery of services to your clients. 

“The very moment you run foul of these extant rules and regulations, the Council would wield the big stick by first sending your name to the Architects Investigating Panel (AIP), who as the name connotes is to investigate the extent of misdemeanour. 

“Once the infraction is considered heavy enough, the offence would be escalated to the Architects Disciplinary Tribunal.” 

Ajayi, who noted that the registration was part of the council’s responsibility, expressed delight that within two years and despite the challenging times, his council has been able to add about 700 registered architects to the number he met when he took over the leadership of the council. 

Arc. Umar Murnai, Registrar, ARCON, urged the new entrants to ensure they represent the profession as good ambassadors and worthy architects. 

He urged them to preach the Architects’ Projects Registration Number (APRN) initiative, adding that APRN was beneficial to all and sundry. 

“I am sure that, you are aware of our Architects Projects Registration Number (APRN) initiative, and it behooves on you to propagate it everywhere as the initiative has a lot of benefits to our states, architecture profession, the built environment and the society at large. 

“You may be aware that APRN is already working in Abuja and the council is working assiduously to take this to other states of the federation. 

Before the adoption of APRN in Abuja, 80 per cent of those submitting drawings were not registered architects, but I am glad to inform you that, that challenge is now over in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). 

“With APRN fully in operation in Abuja, only Nigerian architects can make submission and in projects having our foreign counterparts, it is mandatory for such foreign architects to partner with registered architects before they can make any architectural submissions. 

Source: Independent Nigeria

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